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Ever wonder how your property will look once published 'live'?
Rest assured, it is displayed in the same format as any other listing is displayed.

As Realestate.com.au is Australia’s leading real estate website, we have used their portal to provide a screenshot to display how a 'Sell My Property Now' property listing looks like 'live' on their website.
As you can see, it's exactly how any listing looks regardless of which agency it is being sold by.



Following are the key elements that will be seen on your listing when 'live':

Property Photos & Floor Plans
We allow you to add up to 36 photos. They can be self taken, and as the cameras/phones these days are so good photos taken from these devices usually look great.
You can of course use a professional photographer.
Floor plans, site plans and videos can also be added.

Property Address
You have the option to display the full address or just the suburb and postcode.

Property Price
You select the price you want to offer your property for sale. However, it is a good idea to research what has sold recently in your location as this will give you a guideline. Also, there are some States where the way the price is displayed has to fall within their guidelines. We can assist you with this if needed.
Google Mapping
The location of your listing will be displayed on Google maps for buyers to clearly see.

Property Description
However you describe the details and features of your property is up to you.
You can include as much or as little content, that's your choice.
Best way to approach this is to speak from the heart. You know your property better than anyone so describe what and how you feel.

Property's Features
You can add all those special features that your property has, like swimming pool, a/c, rumpus, solar etc.

Inspection Times (if added)
You have the option to set open-home inspection times and they will be displayed on the listing.

Real Estate Portals
Sell My Property Now lists all properties on the following major real estate sites. Your property will stay listed 'until sold'.