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This package is suitable for selling a home, apartment, land, rural, semi-rural or investment property.

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Listing on
Listing on Domain
Listed on 6 More Property Sites
For-Sale Sign
Automated Phone enquiry service
Automated Online enquiry service
Copies of enquiries kept
State-of-the-art member account
Photos up to 36 can be added
Printable colour brochures
Proofreading of your listing ad
Edit your listing at anytime
Set open-home inspection times
Listing to go 'live' you choose when
Floor plans, videos added
Free professional advise & support
'Letter of Offer' forms
Returning Member Discount
Purchase Option by ZipPay
Optional Add Ons
Open-Home Signs, SMPN Direct Connect, SMS Notifications of Enquiries etc.

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What Our Members Are Saying

log_realestate_package has the largest and most engaged property unique audience.
"We’re excited to announce that we reached a unique audience of 4,003,000 people for the first time in March 2015, according to Nielsen’s Online Ratings". This is an increase of 15% on February 2015 to
This demonstrates’s continued position as Australia’s home for all things property. continues to get more visits than any other property site in Australia and this is why it is Sell My Property Now's top choice for any private seller to list on.
All online enquiries are processed automatically and are forwarded right to your own inbox.

logo_domain_package is Australia's second largest property search portal.
This demonstrates’s continued presence as Australia’s home for all things property. continues to get an extensive number of visits to their property site and this is why Sell My Property Now offers this portal to have your property listed on.
All online enquiries are processed automatically and are forwarded right to your own inbox.

Listed on the Following Additional Property Sites

on you can find the latest houses, homes and apartments for sale or find your dream rental property.
this portal can generates multiple buyer enquiries on an on-going basis.

is the real estate arm of launched in 2009 as a dedicated residential real estate site.
was created to be different, to buck the trend of your average real estate search portal.
this site specialises in those properties that are priced over $950,000 and so all listings with us that qualify are exported to this portal.
As a private seller or renter. Soho gets your property in front of the right audience as Soho matches your property to the right buyer or renter.

For-Sale Sign + Phone Number

This sign shows your specific 4 digit code as seen on your listing. When a buyer calls the 1300 number they enter in your Code and are given your direct contact details.
This for-sale sign board is 600x900mm (2x3 foot).
It is made from corflute material which is lightweight and waterproof cardboard.
There is an eyelet in each corner of the sign to assist with the self-installation (stacks not included).
Delivery times vary depending on your location but should arrive within 2-3 business days.

24/7 Dedicated Buyer Phone Enquiry Service

We provide a fully automated, dedicated 1300 number for buyer enquiries that operates 24/7.

For properties advertised on our partners property sites, like & Domain, when a potential buyer calls our dedicated 1300 number, they are prompted to enter in your specific four digit ID code that is shown on your listing and our system then automatically provides them with your first name and phone number.
This ensures you shall never miss a potential buyer.

Enquiries Forwarded Directly to Your Inbox


All enquiries are forwarded onto your inbox by email 24/7. That means you will receive every enquiry delivered to you just after it is sent.
As soon as someone makes an on-line enquiry by clicking on the ‘contact agent’ button, their details will be forwarded directly to you via the email address you use when setting up your members account.
If the person calls our office about a property we will send their details to you by email.

All Property Email Enquiries Available

All property enquiries that have been forwarded onto your inbox are also displayed in your members account.

They are also kept within our system in case you ever need to check them.
This could be also helpful in determining how many enquiries you have received over a certain time period.

State of the Art Members Account

We provide a fully automated, listing system that allows you with ease to add all the details of your property.

Add as much description as you require, upload photos with the click of your mouse, create printable brochures by the press of a button, add open-home inspection times in seconds.

Photographs (up to 36 allowed)


The photos for your listing can be taken by you on any device and then uploaded from within your members account or you can use a professional photographer of your choice.
Our Packages allows you to add up to 36 photos.
If you wish to have your photos professionally taken, we have provided details on who you could contact. This can be found in our 'Assistance' section

Printable Colour Brochures

Colour brochures of your property that can be used at open-homes etc to give to prospective buyers (or tenants).
To create a brochure is done in your members account and it is as simple as one click of a button. Your brochure can then be downloaded as a PDF to your own device and you then print off as many as needed.

Proofreading and General Editing Provided For Free

Sell My Property Now pride ourselves in ensuring your property's description and listing is displayed free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
Before we make your listing live we will check it over to ensure your description showcases itself in the best manner possible, error free.

Edit Your Listing Anytime For Free


You have full control over your property listing details via your secure member’s account and you can log in to it at any time.
This then enables you to edit your property's details, add or remove photos, and add things like open home inspection times.
There are no additional charges for doing this and you may edit your listing any time day or night.

Take Control Of Your Open-Home Inspection Times


Our specially designed templates allow you to set up your open-home inspection times with ease. These times will be displayed on your listing on the real estate portals like
Take full control over when you want to have someone view your property by setting up open-home inspection times that suit you.

Listing Uploaded 'live' Within 1 Hour, or You Choose When


Express 1 hour (in most cases) upload to be 'live' on each of the real estate websites.
Once you have added the description of your listing details, and included at least one photo, we will have your listing ‘live’ within 1 hour in almost every instance.
Of course if you do NOT want your property to be showing live right away just let us know and we will put it on hold as required.

Floor Plans & Videos

floor plans

Floor Plans
You can add up to three floor plans.
(* File types allowed: jpeg, jpg, gif)
Property Videos
You can add one property video to your listing.
(* File types allowed: mp3, x-mp3, mpeg, mpg)
Special Offer: Don't have your Floor Plan drawings on a jpeg file, then we will convert them for you at no charge.

Professional Help & Support Available 7 Days Per Week


Sell My Property Now pride ourselves in having the Best Customer Service available by anyone. Glen and Susan, the business owners, are always available to assist.
Susan is a licensed real estate agent and holds a separate licence for each State Australia wide.
Any questions you may have on listing and selling we will provide this assistance of course for free.
Read our member's product reviews, they say it all.
We are available between 8.00am to 10.00pm EST Monday to Sunday. Please call on 1300 547 869.

'Letter of Offer' for Sellers

Need an 'Offer to Purchase' Form?

We can provide you with one for use when a purchase price of your property has been agreed upon between you & your buyer.

The form comes as a PDF and you can just download it and then print off as required. If you wish to receive this form just contact our office.

Returning Member Discount

SMPN values our members and so we support them fully by providing a 10% Discount off the current listing package price when the returning member lists a further new property for sale.
By doing this we feel we are giving back to those customers that have supported us, therefore making it a win-win for everyone.
Note: this discount is not provided whenever we are running any general 'special discount' or 'freebie give away' offer

ZipPay Provided as a Purchase Package Option

We now offer the option of 'buy/list now, and pay later' provided by Australia's largest provider.

The benefits of purchasing by ZipPay are:
* Zip Pay purchases are interest free, always.
* Zip Money is interest free if you pay off your purchases within the interest free period.
* Standard interest rate of 19.9% applies after the interest free period.
* The $6.00 monthly account fee is waived if you pay your balance by the due date.
* If there's nothing owing on your account, there's nothing to pay and no fees.