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How Can I Sell My House
without using an agent?

and save thousands in agents commission

YES, you are legally allowed to sell your house yourself and we have assisted many thousands of property owners to sell their house or land privately.
We have designed the exact package for a vendor that provides all the tools needed to market and sell your house and our sellers package can be viewed by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page.
The price of our package is $395 including GST and your house remains listed until sold.
There are no addition fees or charges and no commission to pay on your property sale.
We are a licensed real estate agent and so are able to list & market properties AND we're rated #1 for 'Best Price & Service'. Any questions call 1300 547 869.

How much can I save by selling my house privately?
See the Agent's Commission Calculator to work out the amount available to save, it's always in the thousands of dollars.



view the commission you can save selling privately


(based on a 2.25% fee)


Watch video on Selling My House Myself....


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