Legal information for selling privately in Tasmania

Legal information for selling privately in Tasmania

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Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading Tasmania, provides little to no information about the selling of property privately by an owner. Though, as with all other States, every home owner has the right to sell their property privately and the most important issue to cover for any private home seller is seeking legal advice from a solicitor or conveyance prior to listing your home or property for sale. The knowing of your legal and contractual requirements from the beginning is highly advisable for any for sale by owner.

We suggest to visit their site to find anything of importance by clicking on the link below:

This page provides information on the rights and obligations of buyers and sellers.

One Point Of Note:
‘Cooling off’ periods for residential property sales are not recognised in Tasmanian legislation.
Also, there is no legal obligation for a purchaser to disclose defects in the quality of the property for sale. This is known as vendor disclosure.