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Do you charge any Commission?
The answer is absolutely NO! You will not pay commission of any amount to us for listing or selling your property, now or ever. Also, no other fees will ever be charged for selling your property through our listing service.
How long will my property remain listed?
In relationship to our ‘Sales’ Packages your listing remains on the real estate portals either ‘until sold’ or you ‘withdraw’ the listing from being shown live. In relationship to our ‘Rental’ Package the property will be listed until leased or we are instructed by you to remove the listing. Our fees are as stated in our marketing materials and you will not be required or asked to pay for any extras or additional charges, either at the sign up process or anytime thereafter.
How do buyer enquiries get handled?
We provide three methods for your property’s enquiries to be handled: 1/ A dedicated 1300 phone line that operates 24/7. Buyers making an enquiry on your property will call this 1300 number and then enter in a 4 digit code that is displayed on your listings description. Your first name and phone number will then be provided to the buyer. Note – if for some reason you do not want to be contacted directly this way, this option can be de-activated on your listing. We also offer, at an additional small fee, SMPN Direct Connect which connects the buyer directly to you. 2/ Enquiries can be made using the online form provided on all of the real estate websites. Online form enquiries are automatically forwarded to your email’s inbox. 3/ The buyer calls our office directly and we then will email their details to you within hours.
What property websites am I listed on?
As well as Australia’s largest real estate site, you will be listed on a number of additional property sites.
How many photos can I add?
You are allowed to upload a maximum of 34 photos. Which photo is displayed as my primary photo? The first photo that you upload to your listing will be used as the primary photo. However, once you have loaded up all of your photos you can move them around with ease to suit their order of sequence.
Can I Add Open Home Inspections Times?
Our special templates allow you to post all your Open Home inspection times.
How do I arrange a contract of sale?
This would be done in the same way as if an agent was involved, you just inform your solicitor or conveyancer to arrange a contract be drawn up. Then your solicitor will liaise with the buyers solicitor to settle the sale. We have included some conveyancers etc from across the country for your benefit if needed. To contact a conveyancer and obtain a quote click on the 'services' tab on our site's menu.
When my property sells and or if I withdraw it from sale, do I need to inform you?
Yes. Per our Terms and Conditions you must inform us within 72 hours if your property’s status changes in anyway.
I have a question that is not covered here?
Then by all means call us on (1300 547 869), we are available 7 days a week.